Types Of Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis enlargement pumps operate by creating a vacuum around the male member. As the vacuum is increased, the resulting negative pressure causes the flow of blood into the penis chambers. Vacuum is created by pumping out the air in the cylinder that surrounds the penis. With increased flow of blood into the penis chambers, the penile shaft is engorged to its optimal capacity.

Since the penile tissues are elastic, they provide a natural room for expansion - just like it happens with an over inflated tyre. However, it is imperative to understand that development of the penis via pumping has its limitation. There is a point that you canít go beyond.

Originally, penis pumps were designed to assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction to obtain and also maintain an erection. Apparently, penis pumps are medically endorsed for only this purpose. In recent times, men are also using penis pumps to improve their erections as well as an accessory for masturbation.

If you ever use a penis pump, you must understand that it is not 100 percent safe. This device can be very dangerous if used inappropriately. At times, it could take up to one week for pumped up penile tissues to attain normalcy.

Further, over pumping your penis may lead to permanent damage to the blood vessels found in the organ and the tissues. The safest way to use penis pumps is to exercise, light or moderate pumping for a reasonably short period during every session. This way, you are guaranteed of finding more pleasure and a larger member - at least, temporarily.

There are different types of penis enlargement pumps. However, this is also dependent on what you are looking for. For instance, if you are considering, how they are operated, you could talk about:

  • The Electric Penis Pump

  • The Squeeze Ball

  • The Plunger And

  • The Hand Grip

Today, I want us to look at the two primary types of penis pumps Ė the air pump and the water based pumps. The types of penis pumps listed above are either air or water based pumps. Both of these pumps are highly efficient. The water based pumps utilise water pressure to facilitate enlargement of the penis. On the other hand, air pumps produce a vacuum in the air. Both types of penis pumps are considered a safe alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

Water based penis pumps

This kind of penis pumps is comfortable, secure and efficient. It will almost always never let you down. The fact that it is water-based means that the chances of pumping outside the safe zone of pressure are slim. However, surety comes at an extra cost - it is more expensive than the air based pump. Its biggest advantage is that the growth potential of your penis is divided into the different parts of your cock like the penis foreskin and girth. Air based pumps are only capable of causing an increase in just one of the areas - and not both. Unfortunately, this may result in complications.

Air based pumps

Air based pumps give men the opportunity to obtain penis growth via the absolute potential of vacuum technology. If this is what you want, air based pumps are your best bet. This isnít as far as it goes. Air based penis pumps offer a solution to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. They are also very useful to men who have to deal with the pain and embarrassment of penile curvature Ė Peyronie's disease. Lastly, just like the water-based penis pumps, air pumps helps to boost oneís performance in the bedroom - through the delivery of more powerful and longer lasting erections.