Penis Enlargement Weights FAQs

If there is a penis enlargement method that attracts many questions, itís the penis weights. Perhaps, this can be blamed on the fact that the approach has been in use since more than a thousand years ago. Some tribes in Africa would use weights to shape their necks, ears and lips. They borrowed this technology and started using weights to stretch their penises. There is evident that this method was popular in the ancient Egypt.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions. They will help you have a clearer perspective of penis enlargement weights and how they work.

How do penis enlargement weights work?

Users of penis weights are advised to wear them every day for optimal results. Predetermined weights are hanged on the male member depending on how much tension the penis can handle at any given time. Usually, an individual is supposed to start with small weights, and then increase them progressively. The logic behind the use of penis weights lies in the reaction of penis tissues when they are subjected to penile tissues.

Penis weights cause the tearing of penile tissues. As part of the tissue repair and healing process, the penis stretches. Over time, and with regular use, the cock becomes not only longer but also wider. A few number of men have reported obtaining an increment of more than one inch within six months of application.

Are penis weights safe?

Typically, penis weights are relatively reliable than other methods of penis enlargement such as surgery. Of the essence is to make sure that you have implemented all the safety precautionary measures. This is readily achievable by reading and following the instructions to the latter. For instance, it isnít advisable to expose your penis to a lot of weights at the beginning. You might end up suffering from severe penile injuries. Remember, you are dealing with penile tissues. In worst case scenarios, your penis might not even be able to recover from extreme damages. For this reason, you need to be very careful when using penis weights. As long as itís done in the right manner and you donít overdo it, penis weights are safe.

Do penis weights pose any risks?

As far as safety is concerned, penis weights represent the danger of limiting the flow of blood to the penis area. This explains why men are advised to supplement penis weights with products of male enhancement that promote increased blood flow. For instance, you may decide to use penis lotion, cream or pills. Look for products that contain the right ingredients for improving the volume of blood that travels to your penis. An alternative to this is to determine relevant penis exercises.

Are penis enlargement weights right for me?

Honestly, penis weights might not work for everyone. For starters, if you have issues with patience, you could find them very demanding. It will take a couple of months before you witness results. For this reason, you must have the willingness to exercise utmost patience. Discipline with regards to consistency is yet another critical virtue. You must find the time to wear penis weights on a daily basis. Skipping sessions could result in nothing short of frustrations. Typically, you must be sufficiently patience, dedicated and committed to the use of penis weights to obtain penis size increments.