Homemade Penis Enlargement Risks

Homemade Penis Enlargement Risks

Since the introduction of internet, people are free to get any information on hand with just few mouse clicks. Penis enlargement is no exception. In fact, this subject has flourished in the internet era. The privacy of finding the information has certainly helped a lot of men in finding a good method to increase penis size. Penis devices are the best bet, if you are looking to increase your penis size.

However, the drawback of internet is the plethora of wrong information. You need to be very careful while selecting the best penis devices, but the cost factor plays a very important role in diverting people towards wrong information. The internet has abundant of do-it-yourself guides. These guides also include how to make homemade penis extenders on your own.

These homemade devices can save you some money but the side effects and other risks that this product brings in are too much to handle. However, the website who provides these do-it-yourself guides does not mention the drawbacks of these devices. There is no talk about the potential injuries that can take place if you use them without any certifications.

Some of the websites also suggest sticking your penis in the vacuum hose. This they say will stretch the penis but on its way it can damage your penile erectile tissues. While on one website, I saw someone suggesting tying a string on the head of the penis on one end and a weight on the other end. The website stated that it will stretch the muscles on the penis making them strong and you will get a longer penis.

All this methods used to increase your penis size are ridiculous as well as very dangerous to even to think of trying them. Some of the websites also show how to make a penis extender on your own. These homemade devices lack in quality and precision. The shortcoming can be injurious to your penis as the tension of the stretching band can be very harder than the required tension.

If you are thinking of using homemade devices, think again as the tendency to getting injured are limitless. Below are the two most common injuries that are been reported by using this dangerous devices.

Damage To The Erectile Nerves

This is the most common type of injury caused by using strings and rubber bands or anything that avoids the flow of blood. This can cause bluishness of the penis and the damage could be irreversible. It can also lead to loss of sensation to the skin of the penis.

Cuts And Bruises On The Skin

Homemade penis enlargement devices are normally made from the materials that are found in your backyard or bought from the local hardware store. These materials are usually very rough and hard but the skin of your penis is very soft. This leads to bruises and cuts to the penis.