Penis Hanging Or Penis Extender - Which Is Better?

Penis Hanging Or Penis Extender - Which Is Better?

Increasing the penis size is one of the most interesting subjects. There are many numbers of penis enlargement products and methods available in the market. Every male wants to possess bigger and stronger penis. Due to various reasons the penis size remains smaller and it leads to many of the sexual health related complications.

Among the available male enhancement methods usage of a penis device is considered to be safe and effective one. When we talk of the device, most of the people start comparing the two devices i.e. hanging weights and penis stretcher; in reality both of them are entirely different.

In ancient days people used to hang weights to the penis in order to make it longer. The method was known as penis enlargement by hanging weights. This method has a history of about thousand years. In earlier days people used to hang weights starting from few grams and as they used to it, they used to increase it by few grams with every use.

Some reports say that people used to hang the weights by more than 100 grams. The weights were being held by a string at one end and penis was tied at other end. As a result of this design the products is known as penile stretcher. After careful study and intense research resulted in the following factors:

  • Penis enlargement with the help of hanging weights resulted in loss of sensitivity
  • There were cases of permanent damages to the penile tissues
  • Loss of erectile capability
  • Loss of penis strength

With all these limitations you should avoid adopting the method. Instead of which you can start using a penis device. This is a mechanical device that works on the principle of traction force. In this method the only thing you need to do is wear the device onto your penis and apply with tolerable pressure. From the next moment the mechanical device will start acting on your penis.

With the application of traction pressure, there will be elongation in penile tissues. As a result of this elongation there will be dislocation of blood cells, which results in the formation of gap between the cells. In order to fill this space your heart pumps blood in more volume, this result in filling up of gaps in the penis.

Some of the major benefits of using a penis device are:

  • With the regular usage of this mechanical device you will witness addition of extra inches to the girth as well as length of your penis up to 3 inches.
  • You will be able to achieve longer and stronger erections
  • The blood carrying capacity increases with the continuous usage of a device, which results in the permanent change in your penile dimensions
  • Since the device is used externally there will be absolutely no side effects to the your health

There are millions of men who are already using the penis device and have found a happy and satisfactory sex life. So can you.