A Micropenis Can Be Helped With An Extender

A Micropenis Can Be Helped With An Extender

A penis having size lower than 3 inches during erection is termed as micro-penis. This state of the penis is noted instantaneously after birth. A large number of factors are responsible for this condition. Prenatal faults and low production of androgen are cited as the major causes of this defect. Low testosterone levels, lack of stimulation of the pituitary gland or hypogonadism can lead to micro-penis. For adolescents, deferred puberty and suprapubic fats present in the pubic area are responsible for this problem.

Studies have been carried out for identifying the causes leading to deficiency in penile length. According to a Japanese study, mutation in gene encoding enzyme 5 leads to small penis size. This gene plays a primary role in sex differentiation of males.


A large number of methods for treating micro-penis are present these days. The Japanese study states that increasing testosterone levels and pituitary activity through hormone treatment (Human Growth Hormone) can enhance the size of the penis. Hormone treatment is conducted before reaching puberty.

If you could not opt for hormone treatment prior to puberty, choose a penis stretcher that are designed to solve micro penis. The ligaments of the penis body is extended and stretched by an extender and this increases the penis size. Traction generates stress in the penis which leads to cell regeneration in the penis body.

Types Of Support System

  • Modern Support System - Blood circulation is very important for enhancing penis size. Comfort straps are used in modern extenders. This improves blood circulation showing fast and effective results. Better results are offered by this penis extender.
  • Classical Support Syetem - Silicone tubing is used in classical extenders. They are termed as noose supports.
  • Hybrid Support System - With Hybrid support System, you can choose the form of fixation which provides you with utmost comfort. It is an amalgamation of the modern and classical extender. In home treatment is offered by this extender which is efficient and supportive.

Another method is through Jelquing exercises which aid in improving the penis length. These exercises improve blood circulation in the penis body. Squeezing and milking the penis enhances blood flow to the penis. Erection size of the penis is increased when more blood flows to it.

Penis enlargement surgery, weights and pumps are also used for enhancing penile length. However, the procedures involved in these techniques are risky and expensive. Penis enhancement creams does not lead to skin generation there. Hence, they are considered ineffective. Using a penis stretcher designed for micro penis is the safest way to enhance penis size. It increases the cell generation in the penis body. Penis devices render quick and effective results.