Female Orgasm

The female orgasm is one of the most complex phenomenons in the world. Women treasure orgasm so much that they wish it would happen more often. For one to understand how vaginal satisfaction happens, it is imperative to have necessary if not enough knowledge about female orgasm. Here, we look into details, how and why female orgasm happens. This will go a long way in helping you please your woman more in bed.

Typically, sexual arousal starts in the brain. The brain of a woman and that of men too, responds to a sexy image, thought or having a feeling of affection or closeness towards a partner. The touch of a partner also has the potential to signal to the rest of the body – and most importantly the genital area. Among the primary components of physical, sexual arousal is increased flow of blood to the genital area. The heart beats much faster, the blood pressure rises and a more rapid breathing is experienced.

The sexual response of men and women is almost the same. However, since their reproductive organs are different, the manner in which the sexual arousal impacts the genital areas of the two genders is quite different. For a woman, several things usually happen as blood flow to the genital area is increased by sexual arousal. The woman’s vagina is lubricated with fluid which seeps through the vagina walls. As a result of increased flow of blood, the clitoris hardens and swells slightly making it more sensitive to touch and more visible.

As the woman comes close to orgasm the outer 1/3 of her vagina tightens with the opening become a little smaller. The clitoris retracts and becomes less visible as the woman comes close to experiencing an orgasm. The majority of women require some form of stimulation in the clitoral area for them to orgasm. The female orgasm is made up of a series of contractions (13-15) of the muscles surrounding the vagina of a woman. The first few contractions of the vaginal muscles are the most intense. They usually happen at intervals of one second.

Types of female orgasm

A woman may experience different types of orgasms namely:

  1. Clitoral orgasm

  2. G-spot orgasm

  3. Blended orgasm

Clitoral orgasm

It’s the most popular type of female orgasm. The best way through which clitoral orgasm is reached is via manual or oral stimulation. Penetration doesn’t always lead to clitoral orgasm since the clitoris requires direct stimulation to climax.

G-spot orgasm

This type of female orgasm happens through manual stimulation or actual penetration. G-spot demands a much harder touch compared to the clitoris to climax. It has more pressure behind it relative to a clitoral orgasm.

Blended orgasm

Just as the name suggests, blended orgasm occurs when a woman experiences both clitoral and G-spot orgasm at the same time. It is actually the most powerful orgasm that a woman can experience. For this to happen, the two areas- clitoris and G-spot- need to be stimulated simultaneously. Although quite tricky to achieve, this form of female orgasm is actually achievable. They are said to be potentially earth shattering. It is, therefore, advisable for your woman to enjoy them as far as possible for other people; unless you want them to know how much fun the both of you are having.