FAQ - Common Penis Extender Questions

FAQ - Common Penis Extender Questions

What makes penile stretchers unique? Is it because they are safe and capable to enhance the length and thickness of your penis? If you are on a look out for best options then these devices are appropriate because they do not give side effects that are identical to surgery but improve penis size.

For skeptical males, who want certain answers about the effectiveness of this method are given below that will definitely change their views about penile stretchers.

FAQ about penis stretcher

What is a traction device?

Penis extenders are technically termed as traction device. They are designed to give a continuous tension to stimulate and gradually lengthen your penis. Penis stretchers have a calibrated and adjustable set of bars. They appropriately fit the contour of the penis, when it is attached to the penis head. As pressure is applied on the penis, the device is adjusted, accordingly.

How does the penis stretcher work?

Penis extender is attached on both the ends of the penis. A gentle stress is created within the adjustable bars. Due to this tension space is created inside the penis. The cells get ripped but start to grow and multiply. This new cells get accumulated in the space that is formed due to stretching.

Due to more space there is increase in absorption of blood in the penis. Thus more cells and increase in blood flow regularly and continuously increases the length and width of the penis.

Are these effects permanent?

Yes, the developments of the penis due to traction are enduring.

Are these extenders medically approved?

Yes, traction technique has been clinically verified as it corrects the other body parts like post-operative surgery or injuries. Identically, it is useful to strengthen and straighten the penis.

Do traction devices augment penis length and girth?

Yes, the force that is applied on the penis causes cellular division. Our body naturally, adapts this cellular multiplication thus increasing internal penile cavity leading to bigger and thicker penis.

Is a prescription needed to buy a traction device?

No, prescription is necessary. It can be bought OTC.

What are the risks to health?

No dangers, if the penile stretchers are used as per instructions given in the manual.

The size of my penis is small. Can an extender aid me?

If you have a penis that is less than four inches on erection, then make use of mini extender. Remaining males can wear regular models.

What is the time and frequency of using this traction device for best results?

For best results, the penis extender must be put on for six months regularly. You can wear it for 5 to 6 hours daily. You can wear it while working, as long as your job does not consist of extreme physical labor. You can expect increase length up to 2-3 inches and girth up to 20%.

Should I purchase any kind of penis extender?

No, purchase a penis extender designed by a reliable company. It must be medically tested for quality, safety, comfort and effectiveness. The product must come with a money-back guarantee for a reasonable time.