Penis Extenders Vs Augmentation Surgery

Penis Extenders Vs Augmentation Surgery

As mentioned on BBC News 'Majority of males were unsatisfied with penis surgery'. The study also asserts that men have improbable hopes of the achievement provided by male enhancement surgery. It is due to misleading hypes via spam email campaigns that target male tension about an average penis size.

Majority of the males had to opt for second surgery to gain more size. It is advised that surgery should be added in the end of optional list, when choosing male enhancement method.

According to Yoram Vardi, an expert at the Rambam Medical Centre recommends non surgical options. He also speaks about the dissatisfaction among men for not being able to achieve the desirable results after the surgeries.

You can notice from the above studies that surgery can cause thousands without any satisfactory results. So opt for non-surgical techniques like penis enlarger stretcher. These are scientifically approved technique in male enhancement list of products.

A penis stretcher device applies stretch and tension to lengthen the male member. This procedure adds to the length and thickness of the penis. It does not happen magically overnight but takes around 6 months to notice changes. The process needs commitment for maximum results. The fact that this treatment works cannot be disputed.

The awareness of science behind the working of penis enlarger stretcher is significant. For this, one has to understand the internal structure and functions of the male member. Penis is strong, adaptable and impressive organ. There are no other organs that have the ability to increase their size eagerly and retract to its original dimension.

Internal penis structure

Corpora cavernosa comprise of two chambers that are cylindrical. When these chambers get filled with blood, an erection occurs. On using penis enlarger stretcher, a small amount of tension is applied on the penis thus the penis is continuously stretched. Due to this pressure there is a breakdown of cells and tissue. The body automatically starts to generate new cells. The cavities are enforced to enlarge. The new tissue and cells fill in these cavities leading to increase in length and thickness.

This process using penis enlarger stretcher safely leads to a big penis in flaccid and erect state. In addition, blood circulation also increases and fills the spaces offering larger and harder erection. Results can differ from one person to another but noticeable outcomes can be seen after 4 to 6 weeks with appropriate use.

Types of penile extenders

Although myriad of brands are available in the market that make use of two typical methods. Noose extender and strap extender have their own definite advantages, especially affecting the flow of blood and circulation.

Strap extender permits the flow of blood resulting in quick results. The silicone straps offers comfort allowing the user to wear it for long time. The noose extender is supposed to restrict the flow of blood in the penis head. This can cause numbness, if blood flow is stopped for extended time. It is advised to take it off, after every hour for letting the flow of blood return back in the penis. Remember to shop for the one that has quality, safety and medical backing with money-back policy.