If There Is Such A Thing As Too Small, Then Penis Size Matters

For the longest time, the largest population of women has claimed that they don’t care about the size of their men’s penis. Studies and surveys have gone ahead to reveal that women attach less importance to penis size compared to the very people who carry them. For instance, in a study conducted by the University of California in 2006 revealed that 85% of women are comfortable with the size of their men’s penis. On the other hand, only 55% of the men who participated in the research study admitted to being satisfied with their own penises- with respect to size.

As is evident from the results of the above survey, far too many women have consistently insisted that size doesn’t matter for their vaginal satisfaction. On the other hand, whenever they are asked if they would still go out with a partner who has a thumb size, they all say that is way too small. This response disagrees with the saying ‘it’s not the wave size that matters, but the motion of the ocean.

This leaves us asking, how comes size doesn’t matter if a woman wouldn’t go out with a man carrying a thumb size penis? We don’t need any other proof to argue that penis size is important for women. This isn’t something that I have just discovered, it is just that majority of people usually overlook this fact.

This means that a woman needs something bigger in order to receive sexual pleasure. We must, however, answer one question, to what extent is bigger actually better? Not all bigger dicks are better for all women- there is a limit to everything in this world and penis size is one of them. It is important to note that there is also a too big penis.

So, what is the right penis size for a woman? We could begin from the clit size penis, expand it gradually in length and girth and the penis will start to give her increased pleasure. At a particular size, the perfect penis size will provide her with maximum pleasure. If that size is exceeded, she will not receive additional pleasure as it will have become too big and instead cause pain. This means that the preferred penis size for any woman cannot be determined by the actual measurement of both length and girth. It is usually constituted by a range of dimensions and if a penis size fits within a given range, a woman will prefer it to any other.

This is yet another thing that shows that women really do care about the size of a man’s penis. Of course, individuals have argued that the size of a man’s penis can be compensated by other sexual elements such as the right kissing; touching as well as different sexual positions and styles. For example, men with small penises are usually advised to use specific sexual positions and sex toys to give their women more sexual pleasure.

Well, no one said that these too don’t work to compensate for the small penis size. However, when all else is kept constant, penis size does matter to women.