Strap Versus Noose Which Extender Fastener Is Better?

Strap Versus Noose Which Extender Fastener Is Better?

Penis enlargement traction device is clinically tested and approved. The principle of traction stimulates the natural potential of certain body organs to stretch or grow in response to an external physical stimulus.

How Penis Stretcher Works?

The penis is a muscular organ formed from many cells and tissue. Corpus cavernosa and tunica albugineal tissue are vital penis structures. The primary penis size is determined by tunica albugineal tissue including proteins, package of collagen and elastins.

This elastin enables the extending of tissue at the time of erection. Fibroblast cells produce proteins. When the tunica is forced cells get ripped and the fibroblast cells generate more quantity of elastin leading to increase in tissue mass. The two core erectile cylinders are permitted to accept more blood that develops penile length and girth.

There are two kinds of penis traction device that are noose extenders or comfort strap extenders. You will want to know the arrangement regarding both.

Noose extenders – These are traditional stretchers that are ruling the market for past 25 years. The noose made from silicone and is circular in shape. It grasps the penis tip. You can adjust the penis pressure with the various screws that are provided. The noose keeps the grip firm on penis head by stretching it consequently.

Comfort strap extenders – The function of the comfort strap is similar to the noose but in its place there is a circular wide strap that holds penis head easily. The strap offers a much comfortable feel, when compared to the flexible and thin noose.

Which is better penis traction device? Here is an assessment between noose and comfort strap arrangement.

  1. Noose is more painful and inconvenient in comparison to comfort strap. Comfort strap was intended and created as a replacement of the noose, after there were complains of pain caused due to the noose by various users.
  2. Since noose is painful, it cannot be worn for more than two to three hours in a stretch. However, stretchers with comfort strap can be worn for 6/8 hours without any issues.
  3. Noose is rigid and can choke the penis head thus retaining blood in the penis shaft.

From the above comparison it is significant that comfort strap fit better on the male organ, adjusting to the natural curvature. Strap extenders are similarly comfy and harmless for both uncircumcised and uncircumcised men.

Benefits Of Comfort Strap Extenders

  • Safe: No side effects like bleeding, pain, scarring or formation of wound.
  • Medically approved: Many surveys and researches have proved the safe and effective outcomes of using this extender, if worn for a regular period of 6 months.
  • Convenience: The design fits naturally to the pelvic shape thus minimizing discomfort. No pain occurs, even when there is an increase in pressure.
  • Suppleness: The runner rods are adjustable. The device can be taken apart for cleaning it easily.

Penis traction device are good choice for obtaining a permanent improvement in size. In comparison to surgery penis extenders are better solutions because there is no risk of surgery complications, anesthesia peril, severe pain and large cost. It is easy to use and is an enduring answer for developing penis size and correct Peyronie's disease.