Cons Of Using Penis Pump And Weights

Cons Of Using Penis Pump And Weights

The penis enlargement industry is flourishing at a rapid pace since many men are constantly looking at various ways to enlarge their manhood. A bigger and thicker penis makes a man feel confident and proud.

There are many methods by which men can achieve this. Some can also be dangerous to the penis. This article will discuss about the dangerous consequences of using penis pump and weights.

What are the risks?

There are many complications and risks associated with some of the penis enlargement methods. Methods like weights, pumps, surgeries and implants can permanently damage the penis and deprive men of sexual pleasures.

These methods are also costly when compared to natural penis enlargement. Surgeries need to be performed by experienced surgeons whose fees are likely to be way out of ones budget.

How do penis pumps and weights work?

The theory behind pumps is that it works by creating a vacuum around the penis which in turn causes greater blood flow in the penile chambers.

Penis weights on the other hand, need to be hanged at the end of the penis. The pressure exerted on the penis by these weights assists in stretching the penile tissues to accommodate more blood.

Risks of using such methods

Let us look at some of the risks that come with both methods.

  • These methods can lead to penile curvature, penis deformation and tissue scarring
  • It can also cause blisters, lumps and rashes that can be quite painful
  • Penis pumps can cause circulatory problems especially in patients suffering from heart problems
  • Another major disadvantage is that is could result in bursting of capillaries in the penis
  • Penis weights can cause stretch marks as well as can lead to impotence in men
  • The decreased sensitivity can make it harder for the penis to maintain an erection
  • It can also lead to erectile dysfunction

What is the better option?

Many of the doctors recommend natural penis device for increasing the size of the penis. These methods are clinically tried and tested for their efficiency and effectiveness. Some of these devices can also be used for longer durations. This is the reason why such methods are considered a better option than penis pump and weights.

Penis enlargement methods like pills, patches, devices and exercises can be combined with one another in order to get quicker results. When combined, they will not only help to increase the size of the penis, but also contribute in increasing the penis girth.

This is a problem with the usage of penis pump and weights. These only increase the length of the penis and not the girth. Many women prefer the girth of the penis for sexual satisfaction. So now you should have a better idea why penis pump and weights are not a viable solution for small penis.