Which Tissues Of Your Penis Are Responsible For Penis Enlargement?

Which Tissues Of Your Penis Are Responsible For Penis Enlargement?


Almost all of us might be concerned or have been concerned about our own penis size. It is a very natural fact that guys are also concerned about their penis size and what size they need to have to satisfy their woman. There are many penis enhancement methods which will help you to enlarge the size of your penis if necessary. Before you go with those methods you need to know that which tissues of your penis are responsible for what actions. You need to understand your penis better and then choose the right method for you.

Tissue type 1: Tunica Albuginea

Importance: It is the most tough tissue membrane which consists of all the erectile chambers. Just like the wall of any tyre, tunica albuginea also have some retraining effect to the manhood size and especially during the penis erection. Now if somehow “tyre's” surface area can be enhanced then it will enable the erectile tissue, which contains in them, to increase further. Thus finally it results into increased girth as well as length of your manhood size.

How you can develop it: In order to develop and enhance this tissue you need to take help of some great penis enhancement exercise routines which incorporates different kinds of jelqing exercises. Jelqing exercises will help you to enhance the volume of the circumference of the tunica albuginea and along with that you also need to take help of some multi directional stretching techniques so as to improve the longitudinal capacity. This tissue is susceptible to the widthways expansion and thus it helps you to gain girth of your penis.

Tissue type 2: Trabecular Smooth Muscle

Importance: This is the most importance component of the erectile tissue and it forms the bulk of your penile shaft. By enhancing this smooth muscle tissue you will be more focused on increasing the girth of your penis.

How you can develop it: For enhancing this tissue you again need to follow some penis enlargement exercises which involve stretching as well as jelqing techniques. By jelqing you will be providing the growth stimulus by applying a force to allow more and more blood from the penis to enter the erectile tissue.

Tissue type 3: Suspensory ligament

Importance: It holds most of the penile shaft in an upward arch shape and is located at the back of the public bone. Now if you stretch the ligament slowly then it will reduce the size of internal arch. Thus it will increase the overall length of your penis shaft.

How you can develop it: For enhancing this tissue you need to take help of penile traction. It provides a specific and effective means of stretching your suspensory ligament. Thus, finally, it will result into increased size of your penis shaft. It has always given a guaranteed result and has increased the size by almost one inch.

Now since you are aware about the functionalities of your penis thoroughly, you need to choose the right method for enhancing your penis size.