Girth Versus Length – What Does She Really Prefer?

Girth Versus Length – What Does She Really Prefer?

During Sex The biggest anxiety suffered by males during sex is the panic of not being capable of measuring up. Unfortunately, our society flourishes on the thought that bigger is absolutely better. Worrying about your size can also affect your self-esteem.

Tormenting yourself during by gauging your size, when you are having intimacy can indeed deplete the fun of the precious moment. Your continuous anxiety about your Jackson size can later develop into impotency. This sexual failure can lead to inadequate feeling and you may shy away from meeting other women. While deciding a date your buoyancy gets affected because you feel she may dislike your package.

Surveys have shown that males with big penis possess more confidence. It is a symbol of masculinity. Males having big and thick penis feel more confident and manlier, while meeting their dates.

Now, if you are worried about your jack size then you can follow some suggestions given below:

  • The most suggested opinion is to survive your worries and accept your endowment. A small penis does not decide your sexual performance. Stop comparing yourself with others.
  • If you feel that your girlfriend is avoiding you then date a woman, who will understand you. The size does not matter but your sexual skill and performance in bed is the thing that counts.
  • However, if you still desire to attain a bigger and thick penis because it is actually affecting your relationship, then science can assist you!
  • The introduction of penis device has offered millions of males to gain their confidence level back by applying this mechanism.

    Penis stretchers are safe and effective penis enlargement method. Actually, extenders were built up as a non-surgical alternative for males wanting to enhance their penis size. Traction principle is not new but was utilized in the past by different tribes to lengthen the parts of their body.

    Penis device are medically tested and the users have easily gained an increase of length 33% and width up to one inch. However, this device has to be worn continuously for six months. The control of penis development is based on your commitment and loyalty.

    Importance of girth over length:

    • Penis length: A large penis frightens some women. Several women avert from the proposal of big penis because it stretches their vagina to limit and poke their cervix causing discomfort. Majority of males believe that bigger jack offers more friction, which can offer more pleasure to his woman. This logic is true, but many women own small vaginas and big dicks cause pain.
    • Penis width: Penis thickness is significant to mostly all the women. Studies and surveys have showed that girth is favored to length. The width offers more clitoral stimulation during penetration. Thick penis gives great contact to the responsive area that is the clitoris. Vagina is naturally built to acclimatize any girth. Vagina and anal walls get stretched due to penis thickness that triggers the nerve, which is the reason, those women enjoy sex. Penis device is safe and proven method to increase penis girth.

    Penis Extender Tips

    A small penis size is an age old problem for men. Despite various alternatives available for men for penis enlargement these issues have not been resolved. One reason could be that men are not looking at the right options and are choosing fake or imitation products.

    Let us discuss one such technique that offers guaranteed results for the enlargement of penis. This technique or product is known as the penis enlargement device.

    How Does a Penis Device Assure Enlargement?

    Customers, before selecting a particular product will definitely want to know how these products can fulfill their needs and requirements. When it comes to penis devices, customers are more alert since there are many companies in the market that sell cheap quality devices in order to swindle customers of their money.

    A penis device follows the traction principle. A great deal of will power and determination is required on the part of the customer to get the desired results. In order words, these devices need to be worn continuously for several months, so that men get gain their desired length.

    Many men make use of these devices for the enlargement of penis. Customers in order to know which company’'s product will assure positive results can browse through forums or blogs written by men who have tried these products.

    Penis Device and Blood Circulation

    We all know that proper blood circulation is required for the penis to function properly. This is where the penis device comes into the picture. A penis in order to grow needs stimulation so that the muscles can expand and allow more blood to the penis.

    When men use these devices, a gentle pressure is exerted on to the shaft of the penis which allows the tissues in the penis to multiply and expand. Continuous stretching, gives the penis more volume leading to the enlargement of penis.

    Any normal person can gain up to one full inch or three inches in a matter of 1 -6 months of usage. Men looking at increasing the girth of their penis can also make use of this device.

    Important Tips to Be Used Along with Penis Devices

    Motivation: No device or product in this world can contribute to the enlargement of penis if men are not patient or motivated. Most men who stay motivated and continue to use these devices will see positive and permanent results. The results are generally slower but effective in the long run.

    Measurement: Men need to constantly measure their penis size in order to see if they have made progress or not. Be careful not to measure the penis size too often. Limit the measurements to every 3 weeks rather than every few days.

    Exercises: Penis devices can be combined with exercises to get faster and quicker results for the enlargement of penis. There are many companies in the market that offer penis enlargement exercise guides in order to speed up the results.


    From the above we can see that a penis device plays an important role in enlargement of penis. The results from these devices come from the effort put in by the customers.