How Women Perceive Different Penis Size?

How Women Perceive Different Penis Size?

Many of the experiments have proved that the eyes are the first thing in women that react to the different size of the penis. The dilation or the repulsion of the pupil is a positive or negative indicator whether the women like what they see. In simple words, it does matter when it comes to personal relationships.

Bigger and Fuller Penis Attract Women

Many of the women have actually confessed that a bigger and fuller penis leads to multiple orgasms and sexually satisfies them. A wider penis helps to stimulate the vaginal walls, which in turn arouses women leading to fun filled relationships with their partners.

Men who suffer from low self esteem or issues with the size of the penis can consult their physicians and come up with remedies to resolve these issues. Many of the experts might even propel their patients to purchase different penis enlargement products that can help men cope up with their differences.

The best places to shop for these products are the online stores. Going through the different blogs and forums can give customers an idea of which products are best suited for their needs and preferences. One can even get additional benefits in the form of free membership to exclusive websites, CD's and many more.

Experiments conducted to Determine the Significance of the Size of the Penis

A lot of detailed experiments and surveys have been conducted by professionals to determine whether it plays a pivotal role in attracting women to men. One of the successful tests was the Eye Pupil's Test.

Over here, few men having different size of the penis were asked to participate in the experiment and were guided to a small room with a thin wall to wall screen with a hole in the centre. The men were asked to pass their erect penis into the hole so that the women can just look at the penis and not the men.

Women who agreed to take part in the experiment were asked to enter the room and take a look at the different penis sizes that are passed through the hole in the wall screen. Each woman was asked to pass by twice in order to take in the different responses.

Results from the Experiment

The results showed that each woman had different perception of the men in regard to the visual display of the size of the penis. There was an increase in the eye's pupil size when women were exposed to the bigger penis and decrease in the eye pupil size when exposed to an average or small penis.

The above results clearly indicate that women get sexually attracted to men with a bigger penis as they feel that this can lead to a positive start in any relationship. This theory does not hold true for some women. Women who may have been sexually abused or assaulted might get terrified with bigger penis and might settle for an average sized one.

In conclusion it can be said that it does matter to some women, but mostly it the love and trust of their partners that makes them feel special and desired.

A lot of attention is being paid to being able to achieve a mutually satisfactory and pleasing sexual relationship between intimate couples. Therefore, a variety of techniques and products have been developed in order to help.

The penis enlargement device is one such development, aimed at allowing men to explore their full potential as incredible lovers and also allowing them to break free of any inferiority or inadequacy issues being forced upon them.

While penis enlargement device has met with a variety of skepticism and disbelievers, those who have tried the device swear by its effective effects.

The penis enlargement device works on the basis of a simple method which is known as the traction technique. The device can be worn under the pants with the help of a stability and comfort strap.

Doctors and surgeons from the United States of America have tested the device and given it their vote of approval. They often state that the use of a penis extender is an adequate substitute to undergoing surgery to increase the size of the penis.

Seeing as to how medically trained experts verify the effectual and useful nature of these devices, it is no surprise to see that they have become incredibly popular the world over.

The penis enlargement device works by increasing both the length and girth of the penis, generally over a period of fifteen to twenty- five months, that is, six months. The device is more effective than undergoing surgery or using techniques such as jelqing.

The penis enlargement device works in proportion to the amount of time spent wearing it, and due to the comfort levels and convenience, the device can be worn at any time, bet it when you’re spending free time watching the television or while you are working at your computer!

Another devices that are used is the penis pump, which is a translucent, cylindrical device that is fitted upon the penis. This device works on the basis of a motorized or manual suction pump.

These devices work as a vacuum pump by creating a space of vacuum around the penis. Due to this, excess blood gets drawn towards the penis which results in the penis becoming engorged.

The basic principle is that of the difference between the inner blood pressure working against the outer pressure provided by the pump. The pump is often times used with the aid of a flexible compression ring. The compression ring is affixed to the open side of the cylinder. The action of pumping helps in creating an erection.

The use of the compression ring is to help in maintaining an erection even after the pressure of the pump is released. This is done by pushing the ring onto the base of the penis before releasing the pressure on the pump.

The compression ring helps to maintain an erection up to half an hour at a stretch and can be used in cases of nervous or vascular dysfunction.

Even though this type of penis enlargement device does not provide a permanent solution, as there is no marked actual increase in the size of the penis, these devices have become extremely popular with those who have problems with maintaining an erection or having a satisfactory erection.

What Are The Advantages of Using Devices Over Other Methods?

The evidence is clear when it comes to penis enlargement devices versus other methods. There is not a lot of good things to say about some of the other methods but people the world over are signing the praises of the penis enlargement device.

For one you should note that the penis surgery is a very dangerous and expensive procedure. More often then not the men that have the surgery come away with the penis that is deformed or no longer working. This is not to mention the intense pain that comes with the recovery period.

There is the also the idea of the penis enlargement hypnosis. While this is not all that dangerous it is a fraud to say the least. There is no way that you are going to be able to change the size of the penis from listening to an audio download or CD.

With the penis enlargement device you have the chance to further the results by combining with other methods. This is commonly practiced with the penis enhancement pills or the exercise programs.

What Benefits Can You Achieve With A Device?

The most common benefits that can be achieved with the penis enlargement device include: increases in penis length and girth up to 3 inches, stronger and harder erections, better sexual drive and stamina, better blood flow and much more…