Why Do Men Obsess About Penis Size?

You must already be wondering about the same thing. I have had this question on my mind for the longest time but now, I know why it happens. A while back I used to think that men who are obsessed with the size of their penises are perhaps gay, immature or emotionally unstable. How wrong I was back then!

The heart of the matter is; there is one simple reason why men are obsessed with their penis size- women. All men want is to please women because they believe that the extent to which a man is endowed really matters to women. That’s the plain and simple reason why men are so obsessed with their penises.

Nearly every man, including the ones who are well endowed has made penis comparisons with a man in the locker room, in the public urinals or even in the streets. Men are bound to feel inadequate about their penises, and one inch more would certainly make their lives better. On the other hand, you cannot blame these men considering all the hype there is about penis size and the ability of a man to pleasure a woman.

Men worry about their penis size more than anything else in the world. They may not have as much wealth as they want, and they could be overweight, but what worries men most is their potential to leave a woman feeling sexually contented during each encounter.

I call it hype because that’s just what it is. The internet, especially, has given excessive attention to the penis size, while significantly linking it with the masculinity of a man. Look for instance at the prevalence of pornographic materials on the Internet. It is no wonder the issue of penis size and its relationship with the ability to satisfy a woman in bed is so exaggerated in real life. People have been made to believe that they must have a porn star penis in order to sexually satisfy their partners. What they don’t know is that the directors of such films apply camera tricks and take such videos on certain angles in order to make the penis appear larger.

For men, the ability to pleasure women is the greatest motivator behind wanting that one more inch. Men value sexual intercourse very much and for them, good sex is paramount in a relationship. On the other hand, these men are worried about putting their confidence and male ego at risk. The last thing any sane man looks forward to is to hear a woman complain that he doesn’t satisfy her in bed. This has the potential to kill the confidence he has built over the years. On a more particular note, the situation is so severe that some men choose to avoid any intimate encounters for fear of being unable to measure up in the matters bedroom.

Unfortunately, men want to know that they can satisfy all women- not just the one woman in their life. In that regard, even if he is sure that he pleases you adequately in bed, he still wants the reassurance that he can please every other woman on this planet. In as much as he isn’t going to cheat on you, he will keep wondering about the ability of his penis size to pleasure every other woman. This is one more reason why the obsession with the size of his dick may never end.

Different Types Of Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis enlargement methods are used by many men these days to enlarge their male pride. Many men pose the problem of not satisfying their partners in bed.

Penis enlargement methods are the answers to their prayer. There are many methods available for men these days. Some of them are as follows.

Male Enhancement Pills: These pills are supplements sold to men online to enlarge their penis. The benefits of these pills are:

It improves your self confidence levels making him happier about his size. You feel more desirable, stronger and secure in bed with your partner. It helps in increasing the girth and size of your penis. Above all women find you more attractive and it helps you satisfy their sexual needs.

These pills help improve the circulation and expand the blood vessels, including the male genitalia. There are made from a mixture of herbal supplements that are grounded to a fine powder and shaped into tablets or capsules.

Male Enhancement Patches: Enhancement patches are in great demand and are effective penis enlargement method used worldwide. By applying these patches, your penis will be bigger and fuller.

These patches help to boost your morale and improve your performance in bed. It also helps maintain your energy levels along with your vitality. You get a stronger sex drive and multiple orgasms.

Men enhancement patches contain natural ingredients which help to stimulate the blood flow to the penis and penile tissues. This helps in making the penis firmer and harder. Using these patches is perfectly safe and there are no side effects as they are made from natural ingredients.

These male enhancements patches first need to be placed on the man’s upper thigh, abdomen or the buttock for 72 hours. After a period of 72 hours, these patches need to be replaced and applied some place else. The effects can be seen in a span of a week or so.

These methods are far better than going in for penis pumps and surgeries. Penis pumps have a temporary effect on your penis as you are simply sucking blood into your penis to give it a larger shape and size.

Apart from that you can be probed with lymph blisters on the glands of your penis. It can result in temporary impotence and you also are at a risk of bleeding from ruptured blood capillaries. Penis pumps do not give you the desired effect that you need and is a waste of time and money.

Penis enlargement methods assure a long time result and complete satisfaction for your male pride. Research shows that many men, who have gone in for these methods, have got back their self esteem and confidence levels.

Apart from this, they have been able to concentrate on their personal and professional life’s better. If you are worried about the size and length of your penis or are ashamed of it, penis enlargement methods are definitely the right choice for you.